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This file contains the configuration of the daemon. At the moment there are two sections:


  • PostfixBindAddress: The local ip address on which the daemon should listen
  • PostfixBindPort: The port on which the daemon should listen
  • PostfixListenerThreads: The count of parallel worker threads
  • PostfixConnectionTimeout: The maximum timespan for a complete rule check of one single query


The logging is defined here.
Please refer the log4net project ( for detailed information.


This file contains the definitions of the rules.

Node Configuration

  • cacheCleanupInterval: The timespan in milliseconds after that a cleanup of the internal caches should be performaned
  • responseCacheSize: Defines how many responses should be cached at most
  • responseCacheTimeout: Defines how long (in milliseconds) a response should be cached at most.
  • greylistTime: Defines how long it takes, that a greylisted request turns into white
  • greylistCacheTimeout: Defines how long (in milliseconds) the triple SenderIP/SenderHelo/OriginatorDomain should remain in the greylist cache at most
  • checkTimeout: Defines how many milliseconds a single check could take at most
  • maxFaultyChecks: Defines how many check are allowed to fail before the complete request is marked as faulty
  • greylistScore: If the score is higher than this value, the message will be marked for greylisting
  • rejectScore: If the score is higher than this value, the message will be marked for rejecting


Refer thepage Rules for more information.

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